As a focal point of its mission, GHG works collaboratively with key stakeholders in the community to create, promote and support sustainable initiatives and programs that leave a lasting legacy locally, nationally and internationally.  Our firm successfully completes projects and provides services that we believe help to reinforce a client’s roots in the community while providing wings for them to soar. 


The Gomez Howard Group (GHG), now in its 15th year, is a minority, woman-owned integrated marketing and communications firm that was established by Gerri Gomez Howard in 2005. Fueled by a passion to transform the community for good, GHG uses expertise in strategy, marketing, communications, public relations and project management to spark mutually beneficial relationships between the essential components of a community. By connecting the dots between business, nonprofit, government, media and the general public, GHG creates new paths for growth, illuminates opportunity and helps positively transform the world in which we live.