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As a focal point of its mission, GHG works collaboratively with key stakeholders in the community to create, promote and support sustainable initiatives and programs that leave a lasting legacy locally, nationally and internationally. 

Our firm successfully completes projects and provides services that we believe help to reinforce a client’s roots in the community while providing wings for them to soar. 


The Gomez Howard Group (GHG), now in its 15th year, is a minority, woman-owned integrated marketing and communications firm that was established by Gerri Gomez Howard in 2005. Fueled by a passion to transform the community for good, GHG uses expertise in strategy, marketing, communications, public relations, and project management to spark mutually beneficial relationships between the essential components of a community. By connecting the dots between business, nonprofit, government, media, and the general public, GHG creates new paths for growth, illuminates opportunity, and helps positively transform the world in which we live. 

Meet The Team
connecting the dots

What makes us unique is our diverse team of professionals who recognize the intersection between creativity and strategy.  We see ourselves as “scrappy” – feisty, tenacious, determined, persistent – with a spirit of generosity and compassion.  We wake up every morning eager to start the day – actually enjoying our work – and it shows!  In some cases, we strive to work ourselves out of a job – in that we work collaboratively with clients to establish both roots and wings – roots that ground them in their mission and wings that enable them to soar to new heights. The capabilities of our team generate a synergy which fuels creativity and is purpose-driven.  We strive to work collaboratively with strategic partners and alongside clients to deliver services for various types of initiatives and programs.  Take a closer look – we believe you’ll discover a cast of creative talent with a spirit of compassion!

Gerri Gomez-Howard.png

Gerri Gomez Howard

Chief Executive Officer


Alli Clymens

Account Manager

Ashley Patton-Pattoned Designs Co_edited

Ashley Patton

Creative Director


Briana Gonzales

Community Outreach

and Special Projects Coordinator


Christine Sakoulas

Account Manager


Michelle Mendoza

Account Director


Niambi Nicholes

Communications Strategist


Stephanie Hill

Account Coordinator



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